Lucy's story

This is the Story off Lucy and us working together with Nova’s Heart.

This is Lucy, she is another fur baby through the Nova’sHeart group.

And this is her mom’s message:

Today she was diagnosed with lymphoma.
She's still an active pup, and the doc is going to give her antibiotics and prednisone to buy her some time, even if it is just a month, as she's not in any pain at present. She will let us know when it's her time.

This is how got to know Lucy and Nova’s Heart. (I will explain about Nova’s heart later)

So the hunt is is on for a nice warm filled with love and prayers blanket for this beautiful Fur baby.

We found a blanket maker and the blanket was send and received by Lucy.

November the second we got the news that Lucy sadly had earned her wings.

Today was a sad day for us at Nova's Heart. Our sweet girl, Lucy, passed away this afternoon. She is no longer in pain and no longer fighting that dreadful disease. She's happy, running and playing with all of her new friends at The Rainbow Bridge. Please keep her family in your thoughts and prayers as they go through this difficult time. Thank you to all of you that have been there for all of us supporting us through this.

Fly free Lucy!

This is how Nova’sHeart started:

One fall day I was getting gas and noticed a young man with a beautiful but skinny dog in the grassy area near the service station. I always carry dog treats and food in case I find a stray needing food or need to use a treat to help lure a rescue from its hiding spot. I approached the young man and asked him if I could give his dog a treat, he said I could and it would be much appreciated. She was very happy to get it and greeted me with a wag of her tail, I asked him if he could use some food for her and he said that would also be very much appreciated. When I returned with the food, he and I chatted a minute about her, him saying that she was his best girl and her name was Nova. After I spent a minute petting her and saying goodbye I turned and went back to what I had been doing.
I thought about the two of them constantly for a week and then decided to see if some of the other rescuers in our area would join me in providing something for the pets of our cities homeless. Through the resources of the HUB we are going to be able to help feed, give warmth and minor veterinary care to those who need it.
Named after that beautiful Furr girl, Nova’s Heart is a group of individuals from various rescue groups around the Shreveport/Bossier Louisiana area who want to help the pets of our cities homeless.

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