Daisy's story


Daisy had her throat cut and was left to die on a back road in Sarepta.

If it wasn't for a concerned citizen who pulled over when she saw the dog, Daisy would not have had a chance. They estimated Daisy had been in the area for 4 to 5 days. If she had not been found when she was, it is likely she would have died from her infection

This is how Daisy’s journey starts.

We heard about her trough the KTBS 3 news online and first thing we think of…… She needs a prayer blanket!

The Lumberjack Rescue took her in and gave her much needed medical attention.

So the search for a blanket maker began. It didn’t take long before we found a blanket maker and her assistant Rockie Boo.

Then on 20th of September we got bad news Daisy got tetanus.

The Lumberjack Rescue crew has decided to release what Daisy is facing. She now has tetanus and her chance of survival is 50/50. I am devastated since she is already battling a severe infection from her injuries. So we called upon our prayer warriors to say an extra prayer For sweet Daisy.

22th of September.

Daisy her blanket had arrived!

"Please express our deep appreciation to all your members on behalf of Daisy and the Lumberjack Crew."

On 23th of September we where told that Daisy didn’t make it.

We were devastated.

We’ve got one more message and picture off “our” Daisy:

Yes, it is all over the world, but this shows the personal connection I had with this group, and Daisy So you can understand how I feel. You are ALL important to me, ALL of you. Kimmy, your gift lives on. Lisa, you helped me stay connect. Joyce and Suvd you watched me cry. Thanks guys.

Everyone mourns in it’s own way and one way is making a painting what eventually became our logo for our calendar.

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