Belle the former tickdog

The story of Belle

The story of Belle

A message from CLAW.

Just in. Unwanted and collected by our team. We are all in tears, but Dr. Marike has treated her and put her on a drip. Yes these are ticks, and yes, she is positive for tick bite fever. We have to wait for the ticks to fall off, otherwise she will bleed terribly and she is already anaemic..

This is how we from Global Comfort FAB heard about this dog we called the tick dog at first.

So the hunt for a blanket maker began, when we found out that this dog was in Africa!

Then Sheryl found away to get this dog her blanket via Germany into Africa!

4 Days later we’ve got an update on Belle (yes she got a name!)

Remember Belle the "tick dog" look at her now! 

All the ticks where gone!

Belle had a visitor today, Global Comfort FAB has presented our special girl with a Prayer blanket to make her feel better real soon

Belle's future is looking bright and shiny and she should be heading home with her new family at the end of the week.

One Month later we received a last update on Belle the “Tick dog”

Sweet Belle is really thriving in her forever home! When she arrived, infested with ticks and positive for billiary, she went viral on the internet with just over 1.5 million views, more than 12,000 shares and well wishes from all four corners of the earth. Sweet Belle stole Hannah's heart and went home just a few weeks ago. To see her looking so happy and healthy again, makes it all worthwhile!

This is the story of Belle who became a Blanket baby with Global Comfort FAB
(Fabulous Animal Blankets)

She is doing great in her loving furever home!

We love a happy ending

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