We are a group of people, located around the world, who care deeply for our fur babies. Our members are located throughout the globe, from Thailand to the US, the UK  to Egypt, Romania, France, Switzerland and elsewhere.

We work with private individuals, rescues, foundations, and shelters. No animal holds a priority for us. All lives matter.

Please find below the Guidelines for Global Comfort FAB


PLEASE DO: Refer those in need, ask if you or someone needs help, comment on the posts, network the group. Respect each other. Give ideas. We are a family. Our admins are here to support, not make rules. We work together!

PLEASE DO NOT: Ask for fundraising. Try to post graphic images of animal abuse. Do not pass judgement on anyone, any cause or any fur baby. Post messages which can be sent as a pm to an admin

HOW TO REQUEST A BLANKET: Please pm an admin with your request, for your fur baby, a rescue, an auction etc. We ask requesters to join the group. If we can help we will ask for more info on a pm. Example, photo, story, contact and mailing address.

HOW TO SPONSOR: Please pm an admin and mention you would like to sponsor a blanket, sponsor a rescue, sponsor our growth, such as developing a website etc. We will then do to the work to
connect you with the person/group you help.

HOW TO MAKE A BLANKET:Let us know you want to make one. We have a link to a youtube tutorial, this is not our invention! And first time makers often post in the group asking questions and members are quick to help you. When you send a blanket, PLEASE add your message and mention the group correctly so they can send a post to us and mention our group in a post on their page.

WHO DO WE HELP: Private family fur babies, fosters, rescues, K9 officers, service and therapy dogs. We are global and work in the US, Europe and Australia.


Global Comfort FAB. 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland.
IBAN: CH 0900 0000 1412 1882 7
Account no. 14-121882-7  


If you would like to have a blanket for your sick animal or you see a sick animal online who is in a sanctuary or a shelter click the Global Comfort FAB button on our home page. This button sends you to our Facebook group then post your request and we will find you a blanket.

If you want to become a blanket maker click the Global Comfort FAB button on our home page and post your request there and we will send you a tutorial by private message.





Projects Completed


Happy Customers







"Thank you for ALL you do - it's amazing. Here's sweet Angel again with her blanket from Global Comfort."

Dianne Donaldson Schultz

United Yorkie Rescue

" Global Comfort Fab to me is love and caring, wonderful people working for a common goal, many people all over the world coming together to make the lives better for our beloved fur babies.

For me personally it's having a friend that I love like a sister even though we never met. "

Kimberly Osbourne


"There are absolutely no words to express how much the love and support from this group have meant during this very difficult time. To know that people from all over the world genuinely care is the most humbling feeling in the world. The beautiful blanket that your group sent means so much. TK is thoroughly enjoying it and it will be a beautiful reminder for Hope when this is all over of the love and prayers that she and her prince were showered with during this very difficult time. No words could ever describe how grateful we are. ❤"

Valerie Hicks

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" I've been a member of Global Comfort FABB for about 8 months, a friend sent me to them in need of a blanket for my dog Bear who has been really sick and has ongoing health issues. I was blown away by the kindness and huge hearts of everyone in the group always ready to help someone who has a furbaby in need. It's so nice to be part of a group who are quite literally Global and there is always someone ready to step up with words of kindness and comfort. "

Jake Templeman